How to choose stickers material ?

Choose Your Suitable Sticker Material !

sticker material.jpg

Now many people have realized the importance of the label and sticker of their products to make brand promotion. 

But which type of sticker material is better for your product ? before ordering sticker,you should know how is the using for your product so that you can choose the suitable sticker material .

We would like to show you following sticker material for your reference 

Hope following informations are helpful for you.

Paper: package,jar,can,bottle,etc

White PE: package,bottle,cosmetic,skincare,household,etc

Clear PE: bottle,cosmetic,haircare,skincare,etc

Pearly film: costmetic,skincare,etc

Silver PP:  bottle for Eliquid,healthy care product,etc

Clear BOPP: bottle,cosmetic,food,window,etc

Clear PET: bottle,cosmetic,skincare,etc

Silver PET: bottle for Ejuice,heathy care product,etc