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Who We Are

Professional sticker printing company offering custom stickers in China.

HUAN YANG sticker and label printing Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2008,is China's leading sticker printing company offering custom stickers in all materials including paper, vinyl, PVC and more at the best prices and quality to suit your business needs.

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Why choose us 

We only do the best !

We provide high-quality advertising display for indoor and outdoor with single-side or double-side printing, our products of this series could be UV and weather resistant for 1-7 years, depends on the rate chosen by you. 

Our stickers can be suit any purpose and can print them on our digital, offset or wide format printer depending on your specifications.Perfect for product and delivery labels, signage, advertising, floors and walls.

10 years experience in the printing :

1. Indoor and outdoor printing series

2. Weather resistant ,UV resisitant and water-proof for more than 3-5 years for outdoor stickers

3. Research and development service as customer requirement

4. Using enviromental printing in (green ink) for indoor

   Seiko ink for outdoor

5. Adhesive:permanent ,removable

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OEM AND ODM are welcome

Self Adhesive Stickers,Car stickers,Window stickers,Special Stickers,Business card,Hand tags

When it comes to Original Equipment Manufacturing, OEM, We are ready to provide any assistance for different types of business. We even serve non-traditional printing needs by either making or modifying product to suit your needs.

Preformed printing is our most popular OEM product.For custom needs, we take your drawings and specifications to create precisely what you need, every time. We printing, processing and assembly printing to whatever shape you require. Moreover, we can adjust the whole set of printing system according to customer needs.

Additionally, our printing injection systems will provide what you need, including different materials and colors. Finally, product will perfectly match your drawings.

We maintains high OEM and ODM standards with professional experience and strict inspection. The whole process is traceable. With successful precedents, you can absolutely trust us that OEM and ODM relationships are long term and protected.

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